The UK has the second highest electric vehicle sales rate in the world!


There’s no denying that electric vehicle sales have certainly shot up over the past few years. You may have even spotted more eco-friendly vehicles with green number plates on your own journeys. 

The sale of pure electric vehicles has been steadily increasing, while the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles plummets. Meanwhile, as the cost of fuel continues to rise, electric vehicles become more feasible. 

We’re also seeing more and more manufacturers dedicating their time to designing high-quality, usable electric vehicles. Just last week, Ford launched two new branches of their brand; Ford Blue and Ford Model e. Ford blue will focus on producing conventional ICE vehicles, whereas Ford Model e is committed to creating EVs drivers really want.

Long gone are the days of choosing between a couple of EVs. Now, EV buyers have plenty of choice from their favourite manufacturers. All of these factors make electric driving more attractive and one vehicle that’s certainly made an entrance to the UK market is the Tesla Model Y.

The hottest EV on the market?

The Tesla Model Y has been long awaited in the UK after it first went on sale in autumn of 2021, but how has it impacted overall electric vehicle sales?

Well, figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that electric cars made up 17.7% of all new car registrations in February 2021. That equates to nearly 10,500 new electric cars hitting the country’s roads last month. 


Last year, the Tesla Model 3 was the most popular pure electric vehicle as well as the second most popular vehicle overall in the UK. So, we know Tesla must be doing something right. The Tesla Model Y is no exception.

Research from PartCatalog shows that the Tesla Model Y is within the top three of the most searched for electric vehicles in the world. Falling only behind the Tesla Model 3 and Model S. Despite deliveries only starting in the last week of February 2022, it ranked fourth on the list of the best-selling electric cars. Even outranking it’s sibling, the Model 3. 

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EVision stocks a huge range of electric vehicles, not just Teslas! They even have the latest electric vehicles available, including Hyundai Ioniq 5, Mercedes EQC and Kia EV6.

Which country is doing the best?

The increase in choice of electric vehicles is massively helping the success of EVs across the globe. But, the UK is doing surprisingly well in the uptake of electric vehicles. Of course, we do have the ban of new petrol and diesel vehicles coming up in 2030. Then again, so do many other countries, particularly throughout Europe.

In fact, the UK’s ban is only behind two other countries in the world. The first being Norway who will stop the sale of any new petrol or diesel passenger cars in 2025. Meanwhile, Belgium is aiming to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2029, a year earlier than the UK.

However, some countries are majorly slacking in their legislation, such as Costa Rica and Indonesia, both of which are not banning conventional vehicles until 2050. Likewise, many countries in the world still do not have any plans in writing to curb climate change.

China is one country that is speeding ahead in their uptake of electric vehicles. Despite not officially banning petrol and diesel vehicles till 2035, China is certainly EV friendly. Stats from PartCatalog show that China is actually leading the world in EV adoption.

Between 2010 and 2020, China sold over 4.5 million pure electric cars. That’s a huge amount more than the UK’s 1.7 million over the same 10 year period. Not only is China the world’s largest electric vehicle buyer, they’re also the world’s biggest EV manufacturer. You’d be surprised, but Tesla actually produces more cars in Shanghai than in its home State of California. 

Want to be ahead of the curve and buy an electric car?

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* All information correct as of 17/03/2022.