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Type 2 to Type 2 3 Phase 32A/400V EV Charging Cable 20M Long

Type 2 to Type 2 Car Charger
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Three Phase Type 2 Female Plug, EV, with 5m cable, replacement 3 phase

Three Phase Type 2 Female Plug
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Single Phase Type 2 Female Plug, EV, with 5m cable, replacement

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Which EV Charging Cable is right for you?

Find out which plug the car you are looking to purchase accepts. There are a number of plugs including CCS, Chademo and Type 2. Another important thing to know is that some of these use AC current and some of these use DC current.

Type 2

In Europe, this is the standard plug, which is a triple phase design. With the Type 2 connector, it is typical to see charging levels achieve up to 22kW. When using public charging stations however, it is common to see a rating of up to 43kW. The majority of charging stations you see will have Type 2 sockets, which are compatible with most EVs sold in Europe, including the UK.