EV Accessories for sale

We have a range of EV accessories for sale including Wall Chargers and Charging Cables to fit your electric vehicle. Contact the team at EV Sales should you require any further assistance or information. Alternatively, purchase your EV accessories online today!



Which EV Wall Charger is right for you?

At EV Sales, we are focused on our customers. This is why we do not just sell second hand electric vehicles. We also sell brand new wall chargers and charging cables for most types of EVs. Therefore providing our customers with a complete package suiting all of their EV requirements. 

Also, because we love to help so much, we provide even more helpful information to help you on your way. For example if you are a complete EV novice, we will recommend the right charging cable for you, as well as how and where to install it. 

EV Wall Charger Types 

There are many EV Wall charger types, so how do you know which one will be suitable? 

Charging an electric vehicle at home is pretty easy, but only really if you have a driveway. The reason being is that the electric vehicle needs to be close to an external wall. This is in order to easily get power. You can simply plug an electric vehicle into any standard outlet. A 3-pin plug will charge your electric vehicle, however it may well take a few hours and so charging at night or when you’re not using the vehicle for a long period of time will be much better in this instance.

In addition, you will have a trailing cable, so having your EV away from pedestrians or cyclists will be better to prevent any hazards. 

To charge your electric car at home, you will first need to find an approved EV charger installation company. You could try EV Chargers UK, a lot of people say that they are one of the cheapest around and the process with them is quite simple. However we cannot fully recommend any company, you will have to carry out your own research on that count. 

Tethered or Untethered Unit

When having a home charger installed you will want to decide on if you want a tethered or untethered unit. 

An untethered unit basically means you do not have a charging cable built into the unit. It’s a socket on the wall and you use your own cable to plug into the vehicle. Usually, it is a cheaper option than going for tethered. It’s also future proofing, as if you change the car or upgrade your cable, you essentially have a socket in the wall, so there’s no messing around later down the line. 

You may prefer to have a tethered unit whereby the socket is already there with a cable and then you don’t have to worry about finding a cable in order to charge your car. It keeps things neater, if you don’t want to be rolling up a cable all the time. 

To put it simply, tethered or untethered is really just down to personal choice.

Get the charging sorted before you receive the car

The last thing you want is to buy an electric car and then worry about charging for it. So make sure you’ve liaised with the charger installation company. It can take a few weeks to get everything sorted and the charger installed. Ensure your charger is first completely installed and only then buy an electric car. 

One of our EV Sales specialists will be more than happy to talk you through your wall charger needs. If you’re not quite sure, then simply contact us.

Which EV Charging Cable is right for you?

Find out which plug the car you are looking to purchase accepts. There are a number of plugs including CCS, Chademo and Type 2. Another important thing to know is that some of these use AC current and some of these use DC current.

Type 2

In Europe, this is the standard plug, which is a triple phase design. With the Type 2 connector, it is typical to see charging levels achieve up to 22kW. When using public charging stations however, it is common to see a rating of up to 43kW. The majority of charging stations you see will have Type 2 sockets, which are compatible with most EVs sold in Europe, including the UK.