Tesla Model S P85 – An Under Appreciated Superstar Car

Angled Tesla Model S P85

When the electric car revolution kicked off it moved the automotive industry into overdrive. Technology is advancing far, far quicker than it has ever done in the petrol and diesel age. This, unfortunately, means that there are some absolutely incredible electric cars that get forgotten far too quickly. The Tesla Model S P85 is certainly one of those incredible vehicles whose allure has diminished too soon.

Tesla Model S P85 – A True Giant at the Start of a Revolution

There will always be a place in history reserved for the Tesla Model S P85. The 85kWh battery version of this magnificent vehicle was there at the beginning of the electric car revolution and it became an instant legend in its own right.

Yes, there were a couple of electric cars that preceded this magnificent machine. The EV1 from the GM automotive manufacturer, and the Roadster from Tesla themselves made an indelible mark on the world. However, it was the Tesla Model S that really made the electric car a mainstream possibility. What followed in the next few years was far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Black Tesla Model S P85 facing left

A Classic Beauty Ahead of its Time

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I think many would agree that the Tesla Model S P85 is a stunning vehicle to behold. Tesla now uses really nice sharp lines on the grille of their vehicles. It is a modern style which looks absolutely fantastic on all of their cars. However, let’s take a step back and appreciate the original design that was found on the Tesla Model S.

There is something about the nose of the original Model S design that is simply beautiful. The bubble style grille changes the profile of the vehicle ever so slightly. Whereas Tesla now has a sporty looking profile, the original design was more fitting with what I would describe to be an executive vehicle look.

Little changes have been made to the interior over the years. There has always been that premium look and feel in the cabin. The minimalist design language is still something that Tesla takes great pride in, and they do it well. This is a very comfortable car that you would happily make long journeys in.

Technology That Still Outperforms

Technologically speaking, the Tesla electric cars have always been a few steps ahead of the game. After all, Tesla are, at their heart, a technology company that makes cars rather than the other way round. This is probably why the technology found in the Tesla Model S P85 still holds its own and doesn’t look dated in any way. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the original Tesla technology is better than some more modern EV incarnations.

One instantly recognisable difference between the Model S cars of yesteryear and the modern Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y is that the infotainment system is in a portrait profile rather than in the landscape profile which is the preferred design medium of the modern Tesla age. Whether you prefer the new or original style is, again, a highly subjective personal choice. Both, however, are incredible to use. The graphics and useability of the system is, once again, far better than many electric vehicles on the market today. While some legacy manufacturers are catching up, others are still lagging behind, especially when it comes to the responsiveness of the system.

Of course, as we have already stated, Tesla is a tech company that makes absolutely world-beating vehicles. You would expect their systems to be top notch and they don’t disappoint. Over-the-air updates help to keep the system contemporary as well.

Performance Driving

Tesla has always prided itself on the performance of their cars. The Tesla Model S P85 can more than hold its own against some of the up and coming pretenders to the throne. Here is what you can expect from the classic Tesla Model S P85.

First of all, the range of the P85 is an incredible 265 miles. Even with a slight (and we do mean VERY slight) degradation of the battery over the years, this will still easily be far north of 200 miles of range (estimate of around 240 miles). This car will go further than a lot of cars still coming onto the market. It will continue to out-distance a lot of electric cars for many years to come.

The acceleration is simply stunning. Considering that the Tesla Model S P85 is now nearly 10 years old, there are still very very few vehicles that will come close to the acceleration capabilities of this EV. A 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds is possible because of the brilliant motor technology employed in this performance car. 

A Few Final Words

Electric Vehicles continue to improve and evolve at a rate that has never been experienced in the automotive world before. It is a fun industry to be involved in as new vehicles and technology come along all the time to surprise, stun and make us smile.

However, let’s not forget the classic vehicles that started the whole thing off. There are many reasons not to overlook the Tesla Model S P85. You will be hard pressed to find many other vehicles that have the complete package that the P85 still boasts. You certainly won’t find any new on the market that come close to the price that EV Sales are offering our Tesla Model S P85 for.

If you are looking for a well priced electric performance car, then this should definitely make your shortlist.