Why Ex-Rental Tesla Electric Cars Are a Sound Investment

split screen tesla

So, you have decided that you want to switch to an electric car for one of the many reasons, such as them being cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, more reliable or better for the environment (well done). Your next decision is which of the many electric cars on the market you want to go for. An obvious choice is a Tesla.

Tesla seems to be a common pick as an electric car. The reasons are quite numerous. For example, Tesla has been making electric cars far longer than anyone else. They have an excellent reputation for performance and reliability, and they are fashionable (we won’t judge you for wanting a fashion statement).

Whatever your reasons are, they will be the right ones. Tesla makes fantastic electric cars that are enjoyable to drive. Here I will look at a couple of the models we currently have available at the time of writing.

Tesla Model 3

The rise of the Tesla Model 3 has been quite phenomenal. The first Model 3 cars rolled off the production line in 2017, with the first car for the UK market delivered in June 2019. Anticipation for a new electric car had never been as high as it was for the new Tesla model. Yet few would have predicted just how popular the car would become.

From 2018 to 2022 the Tesla Model 3 was the biggest selling electric car in the world. It took the release of the Model Y to knock the Model 3 down to second spot so far in 2023. A sleek coupe style body with superb Tesla technology, all for a much lower price than the Tesla Model S meant that the Model 3 would be a success story.

tesla model 3

Some Performance Figures

As with all Tesla electric cars there are various versions with different performance criteria. However, I will look exclusively at the Tesla Model 3 Long Range version, which is the version that we currently have for sale.

There is a large 74kWh battery under the vehicle giving it the power. With this battery you can expect a real world range in the region of around 310 miles, which is absolutely fantastic. The top speed is a face melting 145mph and you can achieve 0-60mph in just 5.3 seconds. Speedy indeed.

Tesla Model S P85

We are going back to a real classic now. One of the original style Tesla Model S cars that is still an incredible head-turner. The rounded front gives the original style more of an executive look that exudes a level of prestige. This is the car that started the electric revolution and it is still one hell of a performer.

The battery, as the name suggests, is an 85kWh beast. With this you will get a real world range of around 200-220 miles with a 2014 model (which we have). You will get a top speed of 140mph and you can achieve 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds. Pretty good, right?

tesla model s p85

A Few Last Words

Tesla electric cars, both new and old, have great appeal to them that will last a long time. The performance abilities of the cars are proving to be excellent, even a number of years down the line. Even with the 2014 year car, there is something very special about it that makes it a great buy.

Visit the EV Sales website and see what’s on offer for yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.