Why buy an electric vehicle?

Are there any incentives to buy a second hand EV in your area?

Do you still drive an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle? Are you looking to buy an electric vehicle? You’ve come to the right place! Here at EV Sales, not only do we have a large variety of second hand evs for sale. We can also offer excellent customer service and EV knowledge to answer any questions that you might have.

For all those individuals that still aren’t quite sold on the idea of driving an electric car, here’s why you should start considering the idea…

Paying for ‘fuel’ is cheaper

If you buy an electric vehicle there are plenty of ways to charge your car up at a fraction of the cost of paying for fuel.

Public charge points

Most public charge points in supermarkets and shopping centres are free. Sometimes an initial connection fee is required, but this may only be a couple of pounds. On average most other charge points would only cost around £1.50 per hour. Rapid charge points will cost slightly more. 

A pay as you go scheme may be more suitable for you. Signing up to a monthly subscription such as Polar, for £7.85 a month, and you could benefit from unlimited charging at any polar charge point. What a great way to save money whilst charging your electric car!

Home / Work charge points

If you want to buy an electric vehicle, then you’re obviously in it for the long haul. We would highly recommend looking into getting a charge point installed at your home or work place. Some energy providers have introduced money saving packages that combine your normal energy use within your home as well as EV charging. EDF Energy’s Go Electric package offers customers half price electricity on weekday evenings and weekends. Similarly, Ecotricity offers the Fully Charge Bundle. This will allow their customers to make a saving of over £165 in their first year. Customers will also receive half price charging when using any of their charge points. If that isn’t a fantastic investment, we don’t know what is!

Tesla Free Supercharging

It’s also worth noting that if you buy a Tesla, you’ll be entitled to FREE supercharging. How much of a saving would you make in comparison to paying for conventional fuel? If you’re looking to take advantage of this and buy a Tesla Model S, we have one in stock to suit you. If you prefer the Model S 85 or the P85, get in contact with us today to book an appointment to view the EVs.

Maintenance Costs

As any driver will know, when it comes to maintenance the price can rack up very quickly. On a conventional car, drivers will need to ensure they pay for any tyre replacements, engine faults, oil changes, and even frequent brake pad and disc changes. 

How much do you need to maintain on an EV? Barely anything! Obviously, tyres will need to be maintained and kept at a legal level of tread, but due to the lack of moving parts and a proper engine, there isn’t too much to worry about. As a used electric car dealership, we will offer all of our customers, a one year MOT on all vehicles purchased.

Zero Emissions

Are you doing your bit to save the planet? As we are all aware, the emissions are increasing rapidly, and we need to take drastic action. Driving an electric car is just one change towards a better future. Just by switching to electric vehicles, we are decreasing the amount of air pollution emitted.

A large countdown digital clock was recently revealed on the side of a building in New York. The clock is displaying the time we have left to change our way of living, before irreversible damage is done to our planet. It is predicted that if change has not been made, our planet will suffer with rising sea levels, wildfires and other natural disasters.

Can I still buy an electric vehicle during COVID-19?

If you want to buy an electric vehicle, all trusted companies will offer additional health and safety procedures to keep everyone safe. Here at EV Sales, safety is at the forefront of our mind. We want our customers to still feel like they are able to visit us and inspect the electric vehicles themselves to get a feel for an EV. 

Prior to any customers visiting, we will ensure that they are given a time slot to visit in order to keep numbers of customers turning up at the same time. We will then sanitise and clean down the electric car, along with any of the common touch points. If customers would like to bring a pair of gloves they are more than welcome to. If at any time, they would like to go into our office to discuss or buy a car, we will always adhere to social distancing. 

We understand that it is not always possible to visit us in person in the first instance, so we would be willing to send over any additional information and photos / videos should you require them. 

Why should you buy an electric vehicle from EV Sales?

When you buy an electric vehicle from EV Sales, you’ll be getting a car that has only one previous owner. They also have considerably low hours and are in excellent condition. You’ll even question whether they are second hand or brand new. 

We have a large range of EVs for sale, and we are more than happy to welcome customers to see the cars in person.

Contact the team today

If you wish to discuss a specific car in detail, or just want to book an appointment to visit us then contact us today. Call us on 01634 914063 or email us. We are happy to help if it means one more person will be switching to electric!

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