What role do individuals have to play in decarbonising the transport industry?

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It’s clear to all of us that the world is facing a climate emergency. From rising temperatures to more extreme weather events, the impact of climate change is affecting our lives more than ever. This isn’t down to just one reason, but there are several big areas that need to be looked at if we want to stand a chance at slowing climate change – and transport is one of them.

Our increasing reliance on fossil-fuel powered cars and planes, as well as the rise of deliveries due to internet shopping are all increasing the size of the transport industry’s carbon footprint. So what can we do about it as individuals? We take a look.

Taking responsibility for your own transport

Cutting your transport carbon footprint isn’t as easy as getting rid of your car – many of us now rely on being able to travel longer distances as part of our everyday life. Whilst you can certainly walk for shorter distances if you’re able, you’ll need to consider making the switch to some new technologies to replace your petrol or diesel car. Let’s look at some of the options.


You might have discounted traditional bikes due to the amount of effort you need to put in to get to your destination, but an e-bike can be a great alternative for short to medium-distance trips. Propelled by pedal power and an electric motor, they’re key to decarbonising transport, especially in cities. 

To reduce the carbon footprint of this option even further, consider generating your own renewable energy at home using solar panels or wind power. If you haven’t got the space or budget, you could also switch to a 100% renewable energy provider.

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Electric cars

For those who need to courier around children, carry a lot of items, or are going longer distances, an electric vehicle (EV) can be an ideal solution. Emitting zero emissions, these green cars offer a range of benefits. As well as being better for the environment, they’re smoother to drive than a traditional vehicle, have less moving parts (and so require less maintenance) and can save you a lot of money in fuel.

It’s important to understand that the manufacturing of EVs has come under criticism for having a high carbon footprint, particularly of the batteries, so this isn’t completely a zero-carbon choice. However, there are several industry groups trying to make production more sustainable, such as the Global Battery Alliance. You can also look out for information about how the company recycles EV batteries before you choose a car manufacturer.

Additionally, you can choose to fuel your EV with renewable energy, in the same way that you can with e-bikes.

Advocating for change

So, you’ve read about what you can do – but in order to make a wider difference, we need to campaign for change in the way our system operates. For example, saying you’re committed to get an EV is great – until you realise that people living in cities or flats may struggle to get access to a charging point. 

In order to truly make decarbonising our transport system feasible, we need to have the infrastructure to support it. This includes having secure bike storage facilities in public places, more charging stations and financial support. By removing these barriers, we stand a better chance at changing the way we approach transport.

So, consider these issues when you’re voting for your local government representative, and see if your employer is able to enrol in an EV or e-bike salary sacrifice scheme. Changes in several communities soon start to add up across the country.

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Make an Informed Decision

Purchasing a used electric vehicle can be a great way to save money, but doing your research first is essential. Keeping these 10 things in mind ensures you get the best possible deal on your next car.

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Guest Blog Post By Hubert Day – Digital Content & Media