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Welcome to EV Buy. In this blog post, we talk you through the best electric vehicles available for sale on the market currently. 

What A Year 2020 Has Been For The Electric Vehicle Market

2020 has been a pivotal year all round. It has been a tough year for many and there have been plenty of ups and downs. No one however could have imagined the affect on the environment though. Pollution caused by CO2 emissions is down almost 8% this year, which is the sharpest drop in modern history. Many people are working from home as we know and as such those travelling by automobile is considerably less for 2020 than it has been for any other year, for quite some time. 

Put this together with the UK government reducing Benefit-in-Kind tax to 0% for electric vehicles, as of April 2020. And you have some compelling arguments for making the switch to electric. 

EV Buy’s Main Contender

Electric Vehicles for sale - Tesla
white tesla model x

No one can forget how much Tesla have given us. The Model S series including the 85, 75 and 100. As well as the incredibly futuristic looking Model X, which still turns heads and impresses every child in the school playground! Then Tesla gave us the sporty Model 3 and soon in the UK, we will have the Tesla Model Y. Making the complete Tesla range very S3XY indeed.

With free Tesla supercharging and over 500 superchargers in the UK, you would be silly not to even consider buying a Tesla. They are very good at keeping their value too. 

Tesla’s come with a wide range of features including a huge infotainment display screen. Exterior features that will have your neighbours looking in awe. Not to forget games and activities that will keep the whole family entertained for hours.

At EV Buy, we’d have to say that Tesla is high up there among the contenders. 

Purring Into Second Place

Talking of buying luxury EVs, we also are in love with the Jaguar I-Pace. Jaguar make truly remarkable cars and they definitely did not hold back when they made their first electric vehicle. 

The Jag gives a good range at 230 miles on a single charge. What’s more is that is only takes 44 minutes to charge from 0-80%. 

The off-road capability with this EV is mind-blowing as well. For EV Buy, we definitely put it in the top 10 of best EVs to buy. 

Small But Mighty

BMW i3 for sale - 3

The BMW is fiercely competitive amongst its EV counterparts. A true city car is the i3. Many find it incredibly easy to drive and park. Perfect for running around town on short journeys, travelling to all important meetings or even for use on motorways, the BMW i3 really holds its own. 

The estimated range on most i3s is around the 150 miles mark. It takes just 36 minutes to charge from 0-80% and it has a battery capacity 42kWh. 

Inside the i3 is very spacious, the quirky suicide doors make for climbing into and out of the back seats very comfortable indeed. The boot space has a capacity of 260 litres, perfect for hand luggage suitcases or bags of food shopping. 

Another small buy mighty car is the Renault ZOE. It does an incredible 200 miles on a single charge, which for its size is something quite extraordinary. It takes slightly longer than the BMW i3 to charge, reaching 0-80% in 56 minutes. However it does have a bigger battery at 55kWh. 

It’s a very popular EV to buy. This is mainly due to the fact that the interior is quite similar to that of a conventional car. It has a full size pull up handbrake, and a gearstick style similar to that of an automatic. 

It’s very easy to drive and also has a gentle humming sound to let passers by know the vehicle is approaching. A great safety feature.

Renault ZOE for sale - 3

So there you have it. A few of the electric vehicles that EV Buy recommends. If you want to buy any of the vehicles listed above, you can come and visit our range of EVs for sale. 

EV Accessories

When buying a second hand EV from EVision, you will receive a free charging cable included, which will be suitable for the specific car. 

You can purchase any other charging cables and connectors from our EV accessories shop. Including wall chargers, as well as 3 Phase Type 2 to Type 2 32A/400V 5 metre Electric Vehicle Charging Cables.

Contact the EV Sales team today

We completely understand that buying an electric car from new can be costly, which is why EV Sales could be the answer you’re looking for. When you buy an EV for sale you’ll benefit from a one month warranty, a car that has only one registered owner, plus a MOT. We will ensure the vehicle is as good as new before it goes out to its new owner, for your own peace of mind. 

If you want to buy any of our used electric vehicles, feel free to browse our full stock list. You are more than welcome to give us a call on 01634 914063 should you require any further information. Additionally an appointment can be scheduled to come and see the car in person.

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