The Best Electric Vehicles For Sale – The BMW i3


If you are looking for second hand electric vehicles, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at EV Sales we have the very best electric vehicles for sale that you will find anywhere on the used electric vehicle market.

Today I will be focusing on one of the latest electric vehicles we have received. I am happy to tell you that we have the BMW i3 for sale, and here is a bit more about the iconic little electric car that took the world by storm.

A Bit of History Behind This Icon

The BMW i3 is one of, if not the most, recognisable electric vehicles you will see on the road. It was also one of the very first electric cars that became available in the UK, other than the Tesla cars (obviously). It is incredibly sad that BMW decided to stop manufacturing the BMW i3 as of this year, but we can understand that they want to take the brand in a new and more advanced direction. 

The BMW i3 was launched in 2013 and it became an instant hit with the public. The unusual design shouted from the rooftops that it was an electric car and it didn’t care who knew it. Since the original launch there have been several updates to the vehicle, however, the shape that made it such a star endured. 

It is a real testament to the car that it managed to remain at the top of the game for so long in an industry that is moving and changing faster than the car industry ever has done before.

White BMW i3 on grass

Changing it up – The BMW i3 Way

Electric vehicles, when they came on the scene, were obviously a little different (better) than the petrol and diesel vehicles that we had been so used to. However, cars like Tesla still looked very familiar to the average car driver. The BMW i3 tore up the script completely.

The shape of the BMW i3 goes without saying. This is a vehicle that is still instantly recognisable when you see it on the road. However, there is so much more that was new (ish). The backwards opening rear doors for a start were completely unfamiliar to most people. I always found it interesting that a car manufacturer would choose to install doors that are called suicide doors in the business (I kid you not).

The gear knob was also a new concept in the electric vehicle world (and one that has been copied several times since). I won’t lie, it took me a while to figure it out the first time I got in the vehicle. The gear stick was so last year.

Interior picture from driver side door

A Performance to Rival Other Electric Vehicles

While the essence of the BMW i3 has never changed. The shape and the interior have remained a constant over the years. The battery size and performance has grown over the years.

Here at EV Sales we have a great BMW i3 that can still perform against some of the best electric cars on the market, and that is quite a thing. This is a Queen of electric vehicles.

On range alone the BMW i3 has a real world range of around 170 miles (195 miles on WLTP standards). This is not as long as some of the more modern releases, but it is still a very generous amount and more than enough for most people’s needs.

Anyone who has ever driven a BMW i3 will be well aware of just how powerful the torque is. The instant acceleration pull is stronger than most cars on the road. It, therefore, won’t be surprising that the 0-60mph time is just 7.2 seconds. The vehicle will also give you a top speed of 93mph.

Two BMW i3s side by side

Second-Hand Electric Vehicles – First Class Care

The BMW i3 along with all other electric vehicles we sell at EV Sales have only had one previous owner, our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles. This means that every second-hand car or van that comes through our doors has been looked after and maintained by electric vehicle experts of the highest standard.

Check out the BMW i3 vehicles we have for sale on our website. If you want something a little different, then browse through the rest of our listed electric vehicles. Hopefully we will see you soon.

Interior of BMW i3 from passenger side door.