Looking to buy a used EV? Here’s 5 ways electric vehicles are helping the environment.

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Are you looking to buy a used EV? According to a UK government report it is estimated that the transport sector was responsible for roughly 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. This is almost entirely due to carbon dioxide emissions. The main source of this in the transport sector is the use of petrol and diesel vehicles.

With figures such as this it is clear to see why car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to build greener vehicles. Many car makers are now looking further than exhaust emissions and considering how the vehicle is produced. From the power used by factories to whether parts and materials have been ethically sourced.

Last year was arguably one of the most important times for the automotive industry. Covid-19 has shone a light on our health and our planet. More and more companies are choosing to turn their vehicles from petrol-guzzling machines into sustainable vehicles of the future. 

By building vehicles powered by renewable energy and decking them out in recycled materials we’re helping everyone. Addressing the environmental issues within the automotive industry is one of the main ways to tackle our climate change crisis. 

Here are five fantastic ways car manufacturers are going green!

1. Electric drivetrains

Car manufacturers have plenty of room to improve the internal combustion engine. By getting materials and better machining,they’re able to increase the use of turbochargers.

Lighter components and carbon-coated pistons all help us to improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. In addition to this, by dipping AdBlue solution into the exhaust of modern diesels the harmful nitrogen dioxide is neutralised.

But that’s not enough for some. By 2035, the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK. In other European countries, such as Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands they will be banned from 2030.

This is why manufacturers across the globe are preparing a line-up of their pure-electric models. Tesla can be counted as a market distributor in the EV world, but other manufactures are not far behind. The RenaultNissan group was an early adopter of electric vehicles. Today, nearly all major car manufacturers have EV alternatives.

2. Carbon-neutral production of electric vehicles

There’s no point in driving a zero-emissions vehicle if years of carbon went into making it! If you’re driving an EV, it’s likely that you’re keen to support the environment! In that case, it’s completely pointless if the EV you’re whizzing around in was built in a high-emissions factory.

Many car manufacturers are now finding alternatives to make EVs even greener! Honda relies on a solar farm made up of 40,000 photovoltaic panels to power the majority of its factory in Swindon. Similarly, BMW’s factory in Mexico has in-built solar panels and Volvo has a 100% carbon neutral factory.

Most brands are aiming to make their factories and plants carbon neutral at various points across the next decade.

German manufacturer Volkswagen, have already mastered the carbon neutral vehicle. With the factory running on 100% green energy from wind and solar power. The ID.3 hatchback is completely carbon neutral when it leaves. VW also use 100% green energy when producing the ID.3’s battery cells.

3. Ethically-sourced components

We also need to consider where our materials are coming from when producing any vehicles. The mining of materials for lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric cars, as well as phones and laptops, is potentially highly problematic.

When it comes to materials like nickel and cobalt, the procurement process can have adverse ethical and environmental impacts.

60% of the worlds cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where some miners use unethical practices including child labour and poor safety standards. The use of ‘acid leaching’ is when nickel is turned into a usable material. It also creates tons of waste, which is sometimes disposed of at sea.

Whilst the use of nickel is still widespread, companies are making efforts to reduce their use of cobalt. Both Tesla and BMW have committed to producing cobalt-free batteries for their vehicles.

4. Vegan interiors

Another brilliant shift in the automotive industry is the use of vegan interiors. For the longest time, leather upholstery was a choice that screamed status. Now there is a gradual shift towards more sustainable materials.

Tesla still uses leather on their steering wheels as standard however, they will replace these for a vegan alternative at no extra cost.

In addition to being all-electric, both the Renault ZOE and Polestar 2 are designed head to toe in vegan interior.

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5. Recycled materials

Car makers can design vehicles that are easy on the eye and packed with recycled materials. Further supporting our greener driving!

Polestar’s next release, the Precept Grand Tourer, is full of recycled parts! The vehicle is fitted with a completely vegan interior and the headlining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The carpets are designed from recycled fishing nets and the headrests are made with cork recycled from the wine industry.

Lots of manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen use recycled parts in their vehicles. Volvo have previously announced their commitment to use 25% recycled plastics by 2025. The XC40 compact SUV has carpets made from 97% recycled plastic bottles.

How is EV Sales committed to challenging our climate crisis?

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* All information correct as of 09/07/2021.