Electric Vehicles – Why Dogs Prefer Travelling in Electric Transport

dog in ev

Good news for all dog owners, your pampered pooches are proven to enjoy travelling in electric vehicles over ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. Bad news for those that have not yet made the switch to electric vehicles. However we do have you covered with a fantastic range of ex-rental electric vehicles for sale. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind the experiment!


Did you know that there are around 10.2 million dogs currently in the UK, making them the most common pet for households to own. According to the PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2022, 27% of UK adults own a dog. That’s a lot of dogs potentially making a journey in a car or other road vehicle. 

The University of Lincoln has taken it in their stride to carry out the very first study of this kind. The experiment looks at how dogs react to travelling in electric vehicles in comparison to diesel vehicles. Mainly examining the difference between the noise and vibration elements in both vehicles. 


20 dogs were involved in the two day experiment. Each dog was taken on two identical 10 minute car trips, one in an EV and one in a diesel car. A range of scientific tests were then used to investigate the animal’s behaviour for comparison purposes. 

Laying position

The study found that the dogs would lay for around a third of the journey in both the diesel and electric car. Yet, the dogs seemed to get restless and get up to move around more in a diesel car than electric. On average this was 50% more! This was likely due to the increase in vibration or the noise caused by the internal combustion engine.

Travel sickness

For owners that already have a dog that suffers with travel sickness, they will more than likely know that an increased heart rate is commonly associated with this. During the study, biometric recordings discovered that a small percentage of dogs appeared to feel less nauseous in an electric vehicle as their heart rates decreased by up to 30%.

The experiment was initially carried out as it was noted that dogs travelling in electric vehicles may become more unsettled or suffer from increased car sickness due to the change in vibration and noise. However, it’s now been proven that dogs are actually a lot better travelling in an EV! 

So what are the top dog friendly electric vehicles currently on the market we hear you ask?


It’s no surprise that dog owners are thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle, all whilst having their furry friends in mind. We’ve made it easier for you when it comes to buying an EV, as we compile a list of the top dog friendly electric vehicles. 

MG5 – Big boot space

The all new MG5 was first released in the UK back in 2020, however MG have rolled out upgraded models including a long range variant. The MG5 is a more budget friendly EV on the market, and is perfect for those looking for a great estate car on a tighter budget. 

578 litres of boot space is just one of the reasons why the MG5 makes the list. It will give your dog plenty of space to lay down and relax during their car journey. If your dog prefers to travel in the boot then it’s always best to make sure the height of the boot will be enough to accommodate your pooch. 

Additionally, the MG5 has one of the lowest load lips currently on the electric market. Which is great news for even the smallest of dogs wanting to jump into the boot!


Have you ever heard of ‘Dog Mode’ in a Tesla? Well this has to be one of the best features to have if you’re a dog owner, hands down (or should we say paws down!). If you’re looking to buy a Tesla then we have plenty of second hand options available. 

What is Dog Mode? 

Dog Mode is available in all Tesla models, and can be controlled via the app on your phone. Essentially, it is a unique feature that will allow drivers to maintain a comfortable temperature in the car during the summer and the winter. 

For those unaware of Dog Mode, anyone passing by may assume that dogs have been left unaccompanied intentionally during extreme weathers. When Dog Mode is activated it will change the Tesla centre screen to show the message “My driver will be back soon. The current temperature is…”. Despite this being such a great feature, it is only meant for short term use, and will notify the app when the car charge drops below 20%. Allowing the owner plenty of time to get back to the vehicle. 

Kia EV6 – Low load height

Another vehicle to have a low load height in the iconic Kia EV6. The boot space also available with this car is reasonable, and will be well suited for small to medium sized dogs. A newcomer to the electric vehicle market, the EV6 has joined with a bang, and is a fan favourite with a lot of new EV drivers. 

As well as a low load height, the Kia EV6 has brilliant charging capabilities, meaning less time to keep your dog entertained at public charging points!

Audi Q4 e-tron – Fantastic range

Are you looking to buy an electric car that has a large boot, plenty of range and is packed full of technology? The Audi Q4 e-tron will measure up nicely. When you pick a top of the range Audi e-tron, you’ll benefit from nearly 300 miles on a full charge. With plenty of miles comes plenty of road trips to new and exciting destinations for you and your dog. 

We may not have the latest Audi Q4 e-tron for sale just yet, however we do have a 2019 Audi e-tron 55 Quattro for sale instead. Why not buy an award-winning electric vehicle today, that is in fantastic condition for a fraction of the price?

Tesla Model S P85 for sale
Kia EV6
Audi e-tron for sale


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