Are there any incentives to buy a second hand EV in your area?

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Do you want to buy a second hand EV (electric vehicle)? Since COP26 we’ve had an increase in enquiries from individuals looking to cut their carbon footprint in the most efficient way. Driving an electric vehicle will instantly cut the emissions going into the atmosphere and damaging our planet.

While EVs seem to be the most reliable way to cut emissions within the transport sector, many local authorities haven’t been quick enough on installing necessary infrastructure. We’re still seeing many EV drivers struggling to find safe and accessible public charging stations.

On top of that, EVs are expensive to buy outright. While the UK Government has introduced grants to support this, many find that EVs are just out of their budget. Now, local authorities are beginning to introduce attractive incentives in a hope to increase EV uptake. But where has the best EV infrastructure and incentives?

EV News: See if your local authority is encouraging EVs!

Energy Saving Trust has recently developed a local incentives tool which aims to help individuals who are looking to buy an electric vehicle. As you may know, the Government and local authorities sometimes offer incentives and benefits to those driving electric. This can range from money off an EV, grants for EV chargers or priority public parking.

The local incentives tool highlights any advantages that are offered by local authorities. That way, drivers may be encouraged to switch to electric! But it’s also beneficial to local businesses! As local authorities transition to low carbon transport, many small business owners may be worried about how it could impact them.

For example, Epping Forest is in the process of identifying how they can further support taxis and minicabs when making the switch to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, York offers electric bike loans to businesses within its iTravel York programme.

As well as incentives, a big factor in convincing drivers to switch to electric vehicles will be the availability of EV infrastructure, such as accessible charge points. Energy Saving Trust have included this within their local incentive tools as it aims to provide a full picture for those looking to buy a second hand EV.

Shall we see how your local area is doing?


Within England, it’s no mistake that London is leading the way in both EV uptake and infrastructure. In fact, Greater London (Westminster) ranks first across the whole country. With Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea closely following in second, third and fourth place respectively. All of these boroughs already have more than 500 charge points each. This works out to between 182 and 392 charge points per 100,000 people on average.

Of course, if you’re living in London you’re most likely subject to the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) or the Congestion Zone. Both of which mean those driving conventional petrol or diesel vehicles have to pay a fee, whereas EV drivers do not. This is a huge benefit to those looking to buy a second hand EV, especially as ULEZ chargers can start at £15 per day.

As well as being exempt from paying these charges, London boroughs are beginning to bring in further incentives. Camden and Kensington and Chelsea offer discounted public parking for electric vehicles. Plus, both authorities have received Government funding to support the public installing domestic and workplace chargers. But we all knew big cities were leading the way within the EV industry, so what about outside of London?

According to Energy Saving Trust, Coventry ranks fifth in the country, with Milton Keynes and Brighton and Hove falling close behind. All of these areas have over 300 public charge points. Meanwhile, Cornwall, Leeds, Northumberland, Nottingham and Sunderland are also ahead of the curve in their EV uptake.


On the whole, Scotland is doing well! It’s ranked tenth out of the whole UK in terms of the total number of charge points available. Within this, the west coast of Scotland has the edge, with Glasgow and North Lanarkshire slightly ahead of Edinburgh, Fife and Dundee. 

While all of these areas rank well, there are still only 23 to 44 charge points per 100,000 people. Not overly impressive. On top of this, North Lanarkshire, Edinburgh and Dundee all offer discounted parking for EVs and have installed EV charging stations at local park and ride facilities.

Major Scottish cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, are currently in the process of considering new incentives to support businesses and fleet owners. This will hopefully encourage more businesses to use all-electric alternatives, most of which perform in the same way as petrol or diesel vehicles.

However, Highlands Council has pipped them all to the post and is ranked number one in Scotland. Breaking the trend of big cities leading the way for EVs, there you can find 90 charge points per 100,000.

In addition to the general EV grants provided by the UK Government, residents of Scotland can also benefit from the Electric Vehicle Loan. This is an interest free loan which offers up to £28,000 to cover the cost of buying a new all-electric vehicle. Plus, up to £10,000 to cover the cost of buying a new electric motorcycle or scooter.

While this is a loan, and not a grant, it does make EV driving much more affordable for most people. The loan has a repayment term of up to six years, making it easier for people to buy a new EV which are generally quite pricey.


Most regions in Wales have over 50 charge points installed. Unsurprisingly, Gwynedd, where Snowdonia National Park is, is leading the way with 64.7 charge points per 100,000. Likewise, Powys, located in the mid-North of Wales, has roughly 63.1 charge points per 100,000 people.

We do find it quite surprising that remote areas of Wales are actually ahead of major Scottish cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Wales’ individual incentives for EV drivers. Neither Powys or Gwynedd currently offer any other benefits for those looking to buy a second hand EV.

Of course, EV buyers in Wales are able to take advantage of the UK Governments grants which contribute to the cost of new electric vehicles and installing charge points.

Northern Ireland

As expected Belfast has the highest number of EV charge points in Northern Ireland, but even then there’s only a total of 52. It’s fair to say that Northern Ireland has been the slowest with their EV uptake and their infrastructure stats just cannot compete with the rest of the UK.

While Belfast may take the lead in terms of numbers, it’s actually Newtownabbey and Mid and East Antrim which have the most accessible charging stations. Newtownabbey now has 25.7 public charging stations per 100,000 people. Likewise, Mid and East Antrim has 20.1 per 100,000 people.

Once again, drivers in Northern Ireland are able to claim grants from the UK Government which does make the switch that bit easier. We hope to see further incentives introduced throughout Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK.

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All information correct as of 29/11/2021.